For every stay, we want to help you make the most of what the Boland has to offer.

The area is known for its tourist attractions. Go wine tasting at award-winning wine farms close by or book a cheetah encounter at our neighbours, Ashia Cheetah Conservation Centre.

Take a dive in the 2.4 m-deep pool or enjoy a leisurely picnic next to the dam.

Stroll through the orchards and pick and eat fresh seasonal fruits – like guavas and plums – directly from the trees.

Catch-and-release fish or go jogging or cycling as you revel in the quiet serenity of the farm.

Book an off-the-grid adventure and go quad biking, play paintball, or sign up for a guided tour with The Secret Adventurer.

Prefer to relax, rather? Why not book an appointment with Mobile Beauty* and have the spa experience come to you?

* Booking prior to arrival imperative.